How to kickstart your technology startup?


When it comes to launching a new startup, especially those based on technology, it needs an initial product that will be the core of its business. The product can vary from the web app to mobile app or it can be an IoT application. But, developing technology for the startup is not a piece of cake.

**Herein this article series we are trying to describe to you the overall process of technology development. Respecting your time and keeping the article short, we will be splitting the article into various parts.

Nowadays almost 80 percent of kickstarters are in the field of technology. The domain of that startup can vary from an Online Learning Platform to eCommerce or it can be a new streaming platform or a product related to the day-to-day productivity of an individual. To withstand the heat of this competition, a product need not be unique but need to have a unique way to solve the problem for which it’s being initiated. For instance, Amazon is already there, an eCommerce platform, but apart from that, there are various other platforms like Flipkart, Myntra and the list goes on. None of these platforms is unique in the domain, but the way these all are using technology to make the end-user lives easy is unique.

So, how does one get started with this? One of the biggest questions for every new entry to this startup world.

And the answer to this question is quite pretty simple: “Do the proper research before jumping into it”.Coming up with an idea is one of the important steps but that idea is not the only key to a successful startup. Proper research and brainstorming are required, including proper analysis of user demand, the target audience for which the technology is getting developed, and the most important thing is “correct choice of technology”.

Starting to work on any idea takes a lot of time and effort, but there’s no shortcut available for this process. If we break down the complete journey into smaller steps, the steps would be as follows:

  1. Do the proper research on the idea including Identifying the audience, The scale for which the startup is focusing, The current solution provider or competitor, What’s the available solutions
  2. Identifying what is the need for the startup vs what we want for the startup
  3. Identifying the technology
  4. Developing an MVP before developing the final product
  5. Provide regular updates for the product as the world of technology is very dynamic and fast-growing. Also, it not only keeps your product updated with the latest technology but your audience also remains connected with your product

Summing up all of the above, in a technology startup the choice of technology and the requirement gathering to build the MVP is the most important step. To make you understand the importance of the following, we will be publishing a detailed article in this series of technology product development.

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